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At Maple Farm Stables, we are focused on providing the best livery services possible. Our yard is owned and managed by myself, Colleen Long. Here's a potted history of our story so far...

I live at Maple Farm with my partner Kevin. My mum, Sheena, and my stepdad Peter, live next door. We have great support from our regular part-time staff, and we all work together to make Maple Farm Stables the best it can be.

I decided to set up my own livery stables a few years ago. I had always wanted to have the 'ideal' yard; a place that had all year turnout, a decent school which was floodlit and never had puddles, great hacking without roadwork, and most importantly, to be somewhere where the horses are truly looked after.

The History...

Back in 2004 my own horse, Jo Jo, suffered a serious digital flexor tendon injury which resulted in her being declared by Liphook Equestrian Hospital as no longer suitable for riding. It was at that time I looked for a retirement home for her. Sadly I couldn't find anywhere that had the standards of care that I wanted for her. I ended up renting a field, taking on a couple of companion horses, and I looked after them myself. Against the odds, and after months and months of rest and recuperation Jo Jo did recover, and I'm pleased to say that she was able to compete at prelim dressage and could be hacked out. I believe that given time and the right care, many horses can recover from injuries like this.

So, to cut a long story short, I set up Maple Farm Stables as I wanted to offer Retirement and Recuperation Livery so that horses like Jo Jo could get the chance to recover from their injuries or live out their days in the best possible retirement home.

Over the last few years myself, and the team here at Maple Farm Stables, have cared for a number of horses that have recovered from injury or illness, and the majority of the horses living at Maple Farm these days are fully retired. We have had horses here with all sorts of issues and we are happy to deal with the day to day management of these. 

In some cases, the care required can be over and above the usual daily care routine, and we have provided ongoing care for horses and ponies with short term problems such as abscesses which need regular cleaning and poulticing, to severe cases of Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Malignant Dermal Melanomas. We are careful to ensure we follow the advice and guidance from the vets at all times. Obviously most horses here are not ill but are either elderly or have past injuries preventing them from being ridden. Our calm environment provides them with a regular routine and quality social time with their friends.

We are a small, peaceful yard and each horse or pony can expect plenty of TLC.

Maple Farm Stables is different from the rest... It is here because we want to look after these wonderful animals, and it so much more than a job or a business. It's our way of life.

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to all the horses and ponies we care for is to always do our best to make their lives here as happy as possible. We will go the extra mile to ensure that we provide everything they need.

As a customer, you can be sure that if we say we will do something, then it will be done. We don't cut corners, and we will make sure you are always consulted and kept informed of anything affecting your horse or pony.

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